Ryan Brooks

For more than sixteen years, Ryan has been offering unsurpassed expertise, knowledge and service in all areas of pool management to homeowners, commercial institutions and businesses throughout the Coachella Valley. In the early 1990s, Ryan started a small pool service company and enjoyed the many benefits of having his own business. However, he astutely recognized that his knowledge base hadn't reached the level of his enthusiasm for providing clients with the highest degree of service.

Ryan made the wise choice of joining a national pool builder in the San Diego area and proceeded to gain invaluable experience and skill in all areas of pool building; from initial design to mechanical, plumbing and electrical needs, material, concrete and rock selection and the most important and fragile area of expert pool management, water chemistry.

After a number of years with the national pool builder, Ryan returned to the Coachella Valley to work for the area's largest pool service company where he quickly became a regional manager, overseeing more than twenty technicians and honed his abilities in scheduling logistics, repair management and the delivery of exceptional customer service.

With this earned and acquired skill and experience and with the confidence that he now possessed all that was required, in 1999, Ryan started his own pool management company, ALGAE T.K.O. Since that day, ALGAE T.K.O. impressively and steadily gained hundreds of new clients and became known as one of the top companies in the Coachella Valley. Year over year, primarily through referrals from happy and enthusiastic existing clients, and with a commitment and pledge to providing a professional and incomparable service, ALGAE T.K.O. became the Pool Management Company Ryan always dreamed it could be.

With a solid base of existing customers and an impeccable record of performance, Ryan set his sights on taking the company to the next level but understood that future growth required additional management horsepower and business development energies beyond a single owner's time and capabilities. Three years ago, Ryan met Rob Thornton and after much discussion, the two established a new pool service company, Coastal Clear Pools and set off to become the premier pools service company in the Coachella Valley.

Rob Thornton

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Rob has lived in Southern California for fifteen years, the last three in La Quinta. Rob's business career has been wide and varied, successfully starting and building a number of small to mid size companies in Canada and the Western United States. These businesses have ranged from real estate development to retail to distribution and services. Throughout Rob's business career, his focus and attention has always been on the customer. A philosophy of ensuring a positive customer experience should be the driving force of every successful company and Rob, recognizing that Ryan shared these goals, became interested in Ryan's business from the very beginning.

Initially, Rob met Ryan when seeking a new pool service company at his home in La Quinta. After using a number of different companies over a number of months with dissatisfying results, Rob invited six new and different pool companies to his home to "bid' for the business. Incredibly impressed with Ryan's rapid response, professional conduct, wealth of knowledge and valued pricing, it quickly became obvious who was going to get the job.

Rob became further impressed with Ryan in the subsequent months due to his pro-active communication, follow up, consistency of work performance and attention to detail. Over a period of months, Rob and Ryan had numerous conversations and the subject of Ryan's goals and Rob's successful business experience were discussed, ultimately resulting in the decision to start a new company with a new name, Coastal Clear Pools and a goal of becoming the leading pool service company in the Coachella Valley.

With Ryan in the field, Rob uses his executive and entrepreneurial experience to manage the administrative functions for the company as well as marketing and business development efforts. Remaining true to his philosophy, Rob is committed to ensuring a positive customer experience and is the direct link for all clients and their customer service needs.



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